North Carolina House bill exempts judges, clerks on gun rules

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Submitted: Wed, 05/08/2013 - 2:26am
Updated: Wed, 05/08/2013 - 2:28am

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Proposed legislation which would include an exemption for North Carolina’s judges and clerks of court from limits on where they can carry concealed weapons passed the state House on Tuesday.

The bill passed with little opposition following more complaints from Democrats about the debate’s conduct.

The Republican-controlled chamber gave its final approval to the bill by a vote of 78-42. GOP legislators refused to hear 12 amendments over two days of debate. Republican used parliamentary rules to avoid votes on several gun-control topics. Democrats said the GOP thwarted free debate.

Judges and clerks of court join the list of those who are exempt from limits on where they can carry concealed weapons. The list includes district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, police officers and others.

Also, the bill would allow permit holders to store weapons in locked cars on public college campuses and arm themselves in a restaurant where alcohol is served unless the restaurant expressly says no.

The bill now going to the Senate also contains longer penalties for crimes committed with a gun.

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  • Vog46 says:

    It certainly does and thats the good part of this legislation.
    I hope they can separate these two items and do away with this outrageous fee increase.


  • Guest1313 says:

    When the democrats had a clear majority, they were ramming legislation through without those same debates or amendments and it was ok then. Only now when they are on the other side do they complain that it thwarted free debate. If I am not mistaken, this bill also increases the penalty for using a firearm in the commission of a crime which is what’s needed.

  • Vog46 says:

    Also DOUBLES (yeah that’s a 100% increase) the gun permit “fee”.

    Not only that but it’s now an APPLICATION fee not a permit fee.

    Yah gotta love those revenue raising members of both political parties.
    GOP won’t call them taxes but will GLADLY raise fees
    The DEMs don’t care what you call them

    God bless ‘em all


  • Guest1264 says:

    Oh, Please! Outrageous fee increase?!? It went from $5 to $10. When the application for the pistol permit is made “someone” has to sit down and do a pretty thorough background investigation as a minimum. That time is not free – why shouldn’t the person that is causing the extra work pay a portion of the costs for their own service? As almost everyone has seen, since the president and his merry men have started these gun control activities the amount of permit application requests have significantly increased all across the country. Besides, if the $5 extra fee is so bothersome, don’t buy a pistol! Pretty simple…

  • Vog46 says:

    Day is pricing da po folk rite out of buyin da guns.

    Its also a county collected fee but this is the GOP……
    And do you really think its a thorough background investigation to buy a gun?


  • Jim2A says:

    I think we should have a 10 dollar fee in order to vote. Think of all those people the Govt has to pay to sit there and watch the polls, administer the voting machines and do all the vote counting. If the $10 dollar fee is so bothersome, don’t vote! Pretty simple….

  • Guest1264 says:

    The simple truth is that if the government gives something to someone then that means that they are going to take it away from someone else or a lot of somebody else. That is where more taxes come from. Why not let the person that wants a particular service pay for that service so that you and I don’t have to subsidize it? AND if the extra $5 hurts so badly then they probably don’t have any business spending several hundred dollars to buy a pistol or rifle. And, yes I do believe that when I ask for a pistol permit from the Sheriff of the county, the background check is more thorough than the check the Feds do when I buy a rifle.

  • Guest1234543 says:

    I think the last people that should be given unrestricted rights to carry concealed is judges, da’s and cops, after all, they are the one’s that continues to turn these thugs loose on us and if they were doing their jobs, we, the average citizen would not need a means to protect ourselves, do judges and clerks of court, district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, police officers and others feel their safety is more important than ours or our ability to protect our family members?? Something is very wrong with this reasoning.

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