FIRST ON 3: Former Duplin Co. teacher faces felony sex charges

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Submitted: Sat, 06/15/2013 - 3:23am
Updated: Sat, 06/15/2013 - 4:07pm

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A former Duplin County teacher faces several charges after investigators say she had a sexual relationship with a student.

Emily Efird resigned from James Kenan High School in April a week after she the school district suspended her after learning of the allegations. Today she waived her right to a first court appearance on six felony charges.

According to the arrest warrants deputies say Efird committed the crimes between March 22 and April 1.

The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office charged Efird with with two counts of felony indecent liberties with a student, three counts of felony sex offense with a student and felony crime against nature. The charges stem from allegations Efird had a sexual relationship with a James Kenan High School student.

“It’s just disgraceful, in my point of view,” Efird’s neighbor George Kensly Lee said.

Lee, a father of two, says his kids look up to their teachers. He could not believe Efrid would do something like this.

“Standards and morals have gone out the window,” he said.

Other neighbors agreed the 31-year-old Efird, her husband and their young child keep to themselves.

When we first approached them about their neighbors, they thought we were coming to talk to them about Emily’s husband John.

“I’ve known since they’ve moved in that he was a sex offender,” Lee said.

Lee says the Efirds have lived nextdoor to him for about five years. Five years he has spent keeping a close watch.

“When you have someone like that beside you, you pay attention,” Lee said. “Your guard is always up.”

Lee says he and his family will be fine as long as the Efirds stay on their side of the fence.

“God bless them, and I hope they stay on their side and that I do not have any more interactions with them,” he said.

When we went to the Efirds’ house today, John Efird asked us to leave.

The Duplin County School Board issued a statement saying it trusts the judicial system to address what happened.

Efird is due back in court in December unless a grand jury indicts her before that.


  • GuestTim says:

    Parents, make whatever sacrifices you have to, but get your kids in a Christian school somewhere!! It is child abuse to leave your children in a NC public school these days.

  • Guestomfg says:

    Cause we all know christians don’t do anything wrong to children…………..

  • Tracie C says:

    Um….Catholic priests…..just sayin. And my kids have been in public school for YEARS!!! How could an obvious hypocrite (such as your JUDGEMENTAL SELF – remember what your “god” says about the ‘one true judge’)have the NERVE to tell me I abuse my children!
    See you in hell Tim. You’ve already been on the way.

  • wifeofamarine says:

    SERIOUSLY???? RAPE – MOLESTATION – INDECENCY – ABUSE and any other horrible thing you can think of has NOTHING to do with RELIGION – As for PUBLIC schools being child abuse – MY children went to public schools and NOTHING bad happened to them. There has to be a better way to screen people who work in any public forum. Judges, Lawyers and YES even Religious affiliates have been charged and convicted of the same thing this teacher is. Teenagers – want to feel special – FEEL BIG – and have their EGO petted and this teacher like many others – prey on that.

  • Guestwit says:

    As long as we have a community that tolerates political thuggery of the kind practiced by the likes of woody white what can we expect when it comes to public morality. He tries to slander people based on gender and health status- he convicts before there is a trial-At will- and he lies when it is convenient. Lets have SBI, FBI and non-Wilmington press take a real close look at his dealings- Lets give Woody some of his own medicine- he can dish it out but how does he like to be on receiving end? In the opinion of many he wears a tie but still has no class. There is justice and Woody will get his!

  • threeed1 says:

    So, her husband John is also a registered sex offender? Is this the same guy?

  • Guest611 says:

    So, a teacher having sex with a student is now somehow Woody White’s fault. Makes sense. Quite a stretch there Brian.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Like Christians are exempt from being child predators. Have you forgotten about the male church pianist who was arresting in Pender County a few years back for molesting boys. And there are the number of RCC priests who have molested boys. Need I say more?

    I have a daughter who just graduated from a government high school and she survived it just fine and it’s not abuse. It is rather an idiotic statement on your part to call it abuse. You apparently have no clue as to what real abuse looks like.

  • Guest123 says:

    What in the heck are you talking about? And what does Woody White, a New Hanover County Commissioner, have to do with this Duplin County teacher being arrested? My goodness some of you regular anti-Woody posters on this site are getting nuttier by the day.

  • Guest421 says:

    Guest 131, I would think most 16 year old boys (10th grade) would have something she could do something with. Maybe you didn’t, but most do. And, Guest Guest-O-Matic, please shake your head until it falls off.

  • Guest421 says:

    Maybe she was not happy at home? Remember, all is fair in love and war. Guess we all have “dirt” in us, probably even yourself. Try it, you might like it, unless you’re one of those who always goes by rules somebody else has made for us.

  • OtherGuest says:

    She never said she wanted to marry the teacher, only inferred that she would like to have had sex with her. Are you a little dirty yourself?

  • Disgusted says:

    I said she meaning Emily is married not that the student wanted to marry her. I know we all have faults but having an affair with a student as a mother is pretty atrocious. Please don’t try to rationalize this piss poor choice a woman who could be teaching your children made.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    “Try it, you might like it…? You must be a total imbecilic moron, void of any morals to make a ridiculous statement like that. You not only condone, but encourage behavior such as this? I shake my head in total disgust.

  • Guest131 says:

    even if she wasn’t happy at home, she can go find a GROWN MAN not any lil 10th grade BOY what does he have that she can do anything with!! I was a former student of her’s and she just disappointed me.

  • deputy 25 says:

    and she has a bad smart tail attitude too!!married with a child and doing this?? what is wrong with these people!!

  • Smarter than that says:

    She has always been pretty full of herself. I guess all her creditability is out the window now though. What a poor choice by Emily.

  • Brian says:

    There might be more going on here than you realize. My suspicion is that her husband knew what was going on, and it was happening with his consent. I’d say that she perhaps crossed the line by having sex with a student under her influence as an educator, but if she chose to have sex with someone of legal age of consent, and likely with her husband’s blessing, then who is anyone to judge? Clean up your own house before you try to tell someone how they need to live.

  • Madjammer says:

    Adults can also be charged with crimes against nature.

  • Shamma_Lammadingdong says:

    The whole Crimes Against Nature thing always gets me, especially since it can only be used when a minor is involved in an act between two people. They just threw that charge in for the heck of it. Unfortunately she’s guilty by public opinion and won’t get a fair shake, regardless of her guilt or innocence.

  • gottabekiddingme says:

    This woman was 18 yrs older than the student. Old enough to be his mother …..that seems to qualify for something unnatural to LET happen. Let’s remember she had a choice. If she felt like she was in a situation that was emotionally and legally dangerous. She had the ability to choose not to act. She resigned 3 months too late and ruined not only her life but her daughter’s, not to mention the aftermath in boy’s life. She nor her husband will ever be able to attend her daughter’s school functions. Good looking out Emily for your kid and the other mother’s. I hope she gets at least 18 months

  • Guest421 says:

    When I was in school, sex education was quite boring and most of us already knew more than was being taught. Wish I could have had a teacher like Emily :-)

  • Disgusted says:

    You wish you had a married teacher with a little baby to have sex with you while in high school??? She is a dirty woman and you must be a little dirty yourself for such a comment.

  • tcp36 says:

    Poor Me….Bless her heart…..Where was she when I was in high school and really “needed herfor my teacher”

    ps: Please show responses from those who used to be 15 and 16 year old young boys and get their votes befor efeeding her to the Goblins, whoever they are. hee hee hee——GO GIRL !!!!
    ps: Somebody has to “teach these boys” might as well be their Math Teacher teaching ratios like “1 devided by 1″ equals whoaaaa!!! lol lol

  • Can't say I'm surprised says:

    That lady sure did throw some big stones considering the glass house she was living in. Note to parents: your kid’s English teacher should not be friends with them on Facebook and/or follow them on twitter until after graduation at the very least.

  • Tristan says:

    *high fives*

  • WOOOOO says:

    I wish my hot teachers would have done this, every kids fantasy

  • Pat Barnes says:

    Most male high school age kids wish their attractive teachers would do this, very normal part of being a male, my HS english teacher was a smoking hot and in her early 20’s, all the “boys” in her class would have loved to have such a chance.

  • Concerned old student says:

    Mrs.Efird won’t have a fair trial and that’s really unfortunate. She’s guilty to everyone who watchs the news. She was an excellent english teacher and I won’t and don’t believe she did that. Everyone is judging her but should sweep on their own door steps first before sweeping someone elses. I hope she’s found innocent but if she did commit a crime then she should be punished.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I’m sure that people who knew Ted Bundy thought that he was an upstanding fellow. You can never truly know a person. And child molesters come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t wear a mark upon their forehead that identify them as predators.

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