NC law allows hunters to use suppressors on guns

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Submitted: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 1:00pm
Updated: Wed, 07/31/2013 - 5:12pm

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — A new North Carolina law allows hunters to install noise suppressors on their rifles and shotguns.

The Charlotte Observer reports that North Carolina becomes the 40th state to legalize suppressors. The change was part of broad legislation that expanded where concealed handguns can be legally carried.

Republican Sen. Shirley Randleman of Wilkes County calls her amendment a health issue. She says hunters and audiologists in her district informed her of hunters’ hearing loss problems.

David Drummond, the owner of Carolina Sporting Arms in Charlotte, says suppressors may also reduce neighbors’ complaints.

Suppressors muffle sound by reducing the speed of gases coming from a gun’s barrel.

A hunter must meet federal qualifications to own a suppressor, which includes criminal background checks and a $200 tax.

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  • jsmith says:

    Average time in NC is closer to 6+ months. Other parts of the country may be different. Depends on the application load and the number of examiners.

    You can go to to get info although the quality is limited to those that choose to report their experiences with wait time…

    Plan ahead… :-)

  • boris says:

    Good luck getting a suppressor by hunting season, the ATF is taking up to a year to process the paperwork.

  • jsmith says:

    The full headline from the Charlotte paper is:

    “Gun suppressors are now legal for hunting in North Carolina”

    Your link (blue text) about NC being the 40th state to legalize suppressors is misleading. Suppressors have been legal in North Carolina long before HB937 was passed. What’s now legal is using them while hunting.

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