Brunswick deputy fired after estranged husband confronts her with photos of men’s genitalia

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Submitted: Thu, 09/19/2013 - 3:59am
Updated: Thu, 09/19/2013 - 2:12pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) – A former Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy said sexting cost her her job and led to another deputy’s demotion, but the Sheriff’s Office says there was no such scandal.

It all started last month when Deputy Nikkita Beresoff said her estranged husband, Jeremy Beresoff, broke into her Southport home. She said he looked through her phone and saw she was sexting.

Nikkita Beresoff said Jeremy Beresoff stalked her all day on August 13 and even followed her on a couple of calls.

Later on, he saw her eating at HWY 55 in Shallotte, walked in, and showed her pictures of male gentalia on the phone demanding to know who it was.

A day later, the Sheriff fired Nikkita.

When we spoke with her Wednesday she said she was fired because she lied about the sexting to protect the other deputy involved.

Beresoff admitted to us she sent and received photos from the other deputy, but she insists that was the extent of their relationship.

She said that deputy was demoted but refused to give his name.

She said a detective also asked her to send him photos and she refused. She says the Sheriff’s Office went through the information on her phone and found the detective’s text message asking for the photos.

Beresoff said that detective has also been demoted.

Spokeswoman Emily Flax said “The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by two separate media outlets within the past week stating that they have received information regarding 9-10 Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Deputies being involved in inappropriate texting/emailing within the past 30-60 days. No adverse personnel actions have been taken against any deputy for inappropriate texting/emails.”


  • Ms.T says:

    Not sure what’s the big deal hear? So she had pictures of men’s genital parts.. Let’s face men like to see women’s va-jj’s as much as this deputy enjoys a good looking penis. There is a reason that gentle man who was having a fit is her ex. Maybe his male parts were lacking???

  • Guestomfg says:

    Is there a professional cop out there? This is Jr high school behavior. I don’t trust these people “protecting” me.

  • David says:

    Why would you post a picture of a person fired because of what her ‘ex’ had done. Surely there is more newsworthy items to be posted. What happened to the victims’ rights ? If they were in fact ‘exes’ what business is it of his what she does? This post is my opinion is over the top and possibly has shamed her even more than being fired from her job.

  • Guest23 says:

    Exes and estranged are two different things.

  • Guest11221 says:

    Wow, she’s cute for a (ex)deputy!

  • Off The Cuff says:

    Oh those who live in glass houses posting on here! Ridiculous. How many of you have done the same thing…… your job didn’t let you go on account of it. In fact, many who post on here probably have done far worse. I can’t say I condone the activity, but I sure don’t put myself out there as perfect. A judge could have the same thing on his or her phone and keep on judging, a doctor or lawyer…the same. Most all professions in fact. However, let any cop do anything and it is headline news. Her ex had no right to be up in her face. He was an ex for a most good reason most likely. If you can’t live together, then go your separate ways and leave each other the heck alone! Enough said………

  • Guestoff says:

    I feel like I am reading the latest issue of Trailer Trash Gazette.

    The drama!

    My heart!

    I am reeling and feel sick to my stomach after reading the shenanigans of these low-life sheriff deputies.

    Could we have a little restraint, please? No need to go into all the dirty little details.

    I assume the two stars of this trashy operetta are Badtists.

  • Guest12345 says:

    How is it that the news can find out about this but no one has said a word about other bigger fish? Question: Why was a motion summary hearing heard behind closed doors? Why was a judge brought in from NHC? Why would a JUDGE give the BCSD “governmental immunity?” Immunity to beat up any one they want to? Why internal affairs had a video of incident which has since disappeared and been “corrupted?” Why there is proof of lying, evidence tampering etc. but a JUDGE doesn’t care. Because three of these wonderful upstanding deputies told their story. That’s all the judge needed? OH my, this is much bigger then just the sheriff’s department. Maybe the DOJ would like to know all of this. Think I may send them an email!

  • Guest28451 says:

    Sheriff Ingram is an asset to this county. The SO has cleaned house and continues to remain so. This news is unfortunate…biggest issue is what happened on company time and lying. Someone already mentioned it. The sheriff does not tolerate lying. Tell the truth and he will work with you. Lie and you’re gone!

  • Nonicomb says:

    1. Tom Hanks was not in City Slickers.
    2. The scene you are referring to is from When Harry Met Sally.
    3. Since when is 28 considered “old”?

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Our newly elected sheriffs in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties, are outstanding, honest, hard working leaders. Any 200+, Law Enforcement Agency will have a few “how dumb can you get”, moments, each year. It’s a very hard job. And nobody’s perfect.

    We are excited, and proud of both agencies. I know both sheriffs personally, and I am a proud supporter of both. And its easy for you, to toss dirt.

  • annoyed says:

    Hear, Hear!!!! You are so correct! There is absolutely “zero” accountability and so much corruption within BCSD. Their actions are “criminal” and for some reason they continue to keep getting away with actions that are way outside legal boundaries. The citizens of Brunswick County need to demand outside investigations of this department

  • Fedupmom says:

    Will the news report about how the husband obtained the deputy’s phone? Will they report everything that lead up to this situation? No. If she was doing her job on duty who cares what sheis doing off duty if it’s not illegal? My 2 cents, maybe if Mr. Beresoff had shown her the same attention he does now back then maybe they would not be separated. Why is this even “news” WWAY? Aren’t there some real issues to cover around the area?

  • Guest334 says:

    This sheriffs office has a reputation of curruption. How many people have been effected in the area by this conduct. People arrested and sent to prison with zero evidence, evidence lost, or tampered with. Where are the Feds when a county really needs an investigation? Local professionals being arrested on a fake charges and put through all kinds of crap to ruin a reputation just to have charges dropped because of no evidence. Where I come from you investigate, gather evidence, then arrest and follow through with prosecution. Here they arrest then make up the rest after words.. Amazing!

  • AMAZED says:

    We have already figured out that this woman is not the sharpest tool in the shed but she just commented on WECT TV6 ADMITTING that it was another deputy that she was getting pictures from. Now don’t you think that this “other deputy” should be exposed as well. Fair is fair!

  • Guest Vader says:

    Guestoff is correct. Trailer is spelled with an “E”, not an “O”. Check the spelling on the next trailEr license plate you see or the dictionary if you have one. One of the more common words that is frequently misspelled due to low-quality education.

  • Jed99 says:

    That sound? I can…it’s a banjo and and some guy squeeling like a pig. He’s her ex, because she married a loser a long time ago so he’s gonna do anything he can to mess it up because that’s what losers do. Don’t be discouraged Nikki because of your ex. Apply somewhere else. Everyone makes a mistake sooner or later, we are not perfect. You worked way to hard in BLET to let a LOSER ex get in your way. WWAY you need to get your act together. Why don’t you go to 6th street and investigate the gangs who are fighting among them selves and robbing people because the are promoting within and some of the gang members are jealous because they weren’t promoted.

  • Guest5050 says:

    Maybe they should do as Beaula demanded in the movie Porky’s. Have the deputies line up and compare them with the pics. LOL

  • sideliner says:

    Asset??? All depends on your interpretation of Webster. If he is and continues to clean up his department, he’ll make a career of just doing that…can you spell D I R T Y!

  • Guest110370 says:

    I have lived in good ole boys areas before, but nothing like Brunswick County. Where as long as the drugs are flowing and the BCSD is getting its kick back they dont care. I will say not all of them are bad, but they tend to run off the good ones and keep the bad ones on the job. They just like NOTCHES on their belt, and dont care whose lives they ruin. But one day they will mess with the wrong person and it will all be exposed. The old saying what goes around does come around. Just wish the STATE OF NC would open its eyes or Fed’s would come down there and take over the department. WISH THE MEDIA WOULD OPEN IT EYES TO BRUNSWICK COUNTY!!!! CK out trail transcript from some cases.. you would be amazed at what you will read.. 3 hr investigations with no evidence and admit on the stand that the person on trail was a notch on the belt.. all you can do is sit back and shake your head, becuase no one high up gives a crap about the little people that are getting ran over down there…

  • Toldyouso says:

    Does anyone see that there is something missing here? What about the MALE officers? What happened to them? Were they fired? I’ll tell you the answer to this question, NO. The officers were only demoted and moved around the department. This is one corrupt department. If the citizens of Brunswick County only knew what and how that department was ran, there would be a new sheriff and SBI investigations. Why is the other officers involved not fired as well? And trust me, there are more deputies doing this same thing in that department that has not been reprimanded. There has been “events” hidden because it involved higher brass. Want to know names? Well that’s for another time and place. There are two reasons starting with the sheriff himself, and moving down, that this department needs to be cleaned up. A new sheriff is needed and in desperate need of. Karma is working her magic. Let the games begin.

  • Toldyouso says:

    More like a ASS!! You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. He is as dirty as the rest of his minions. This is only the beginning. Just wait Brunswick Co., just wait. This is one dirty and corrupt department.

  • Sideliner says:

    I believe that this young lady has a EEOC and Discrimination Law Suit that some attorney needs to accept, and drag those who covered up this den of liars to task. What happened to equality under the law? Are favorites being played? What’s good for one, should be good for the other.
    A recall election is in order, and the entire BCSO needs to be investigated. Nothing wrong with a good house cleaning. The citizens of Brunswick County deserve better with their law enforcement agency.
    If this is how things are investigated and handled within this department, one must wonder about the arrests that this agency makes towards their civilian population; hence the many civil and federal lawsuits that have been filed because of this departments improper policies and poor management.
    To now attempt any defense of such a corrupt agency would be ludicrous on the part of those who would attempt a defense. Even the “double speak” of the PR department for the BCSO would only dig a deeper whole for this department.

  • annoyed says:

    I call your Bull and raise you Bulls$$@%! This is no tossing of dirt…this is burying the department up to their necks in dirt!!! Coming from a law enforcement family I find the actions of this department despicable and an insult to law enforcement across the country. “Newly elected”…not hardly–they have been in office way long enough to know that what they have is a house sinking into a cesspool! Toss them out and start over-a clean slate is definitely called for here and these two individuals need to be tossed out with the bathwater.

  • SnatchHammer says:

    This has nothing to do with her job performance…..this was a personal issue. I don’t agree with the actions, but she shouldn’t have been fired.

  • Christian says:

    I challenge you to read the Bible and find out who Jesus really is. One day, you’ll have to meet Him. I pray you get to know Him before then.

  • Guest 501 says:

    More proof that some people don’t need mobile devices!

  • Gramps1945 says:

    Her Problem……….
    She’s very good looking.

  • Guest54321 says:

    The situation was handled correctly and justly and besides the termination of Beresoff, there were no other moves. People get moved everyday for different reasons in law enforcement. Get a grip people, especially you WWAY!!

  • Guest4396 says:

    The deputy had some nude pictures on her cell phone, which it was reported her “estranged” husband broke into her home to steal. Why does this warrant any kind of investigation? Get real, people. Think about it….what crime did she commit? How did she endanger anyone? Her idiot husband is the loose cannon here. He is the one that needs investigating, prosecuted for B&E and jailed.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Sheriff Ingram isn’t a camera-hogging, publicity seeking politician like his predecessor was. If he was the kind to put up with impropriety in his department, then there wouldn’t have been so many deputies fired, since he became the sheriff. When he feels an explanation from him is warranted, then he will do so. You make it sound as if he is afraid to face the public. I will have to contradict you on that one. He may not be constantly in front of the camera, but that doesn’t mean he shrinks from the public. I have found him to be easily accessible.

  • cooldela says:

    Give ‘em a break. There ain’t much to do in Brunswick County and sexting can be more entertaining than the mindless blather most people text about. Lighten up.

  • Guest7969 says:

    I guess the institution of marriage is a joke..and truly dead! What she did wasn’t criminally wrong. However, being married is supposed to mean something in regards to your body and who sees whats underneath…

  • Guest 1492 says:

    She’s the one with the pics, and her Ex is the bad guy?

    Why doesn’t she go and investigate gangs? Uh, that may not be her call. Real life works differently than on honey boo boo.

    The only banjo I’m hearing here “Jed” (as in the Beverly Hillbillies?), is you playing on your one-string model.

  • JimmyJ says:

    Pardon me, but the young lady was fired for lying? How about her husband being arrested for B&E and theft. How about firing the deputy who so proudly displayed his manhood? She seems to have more credibility than anyone else in the story. At least she tried to cover for the guy for the deed found on her phone. She didn’t send him any return pictures of her goodies.

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    It is very sad that a young woman’s career was destroyed and she has been publicly humiliated because of the action of her so-called “estranged husband”. I don’t see where she did anything wrong except refuse to name the deputy she had pictures of. According to a news report I heard last night, her “husband” broke into her house or wherever she lived and stole her phone with the pictures in it. She was not carrying it while on duty. I have great respect for Sheriff Ingram, but since she had done nothing wrong while on duty, I feel he was a little harsh in his actions in firing her. Everyone, including law enforcement officers have a life after work. And, very few humans have not looked at racy pictures of the opposite sex. I think this woman was treated very unfairly when the only crime committed was her husband breaking and entering.

  • lol says:

    Seems there is alot of rumors surronding the truth in this story. I understand the. Sherriff fired her for lieing about the other deputy being involved but someone lied about the fact that there was nothing like this going on at the sheriffs office. I also remember a rumor not too long ago about. The sheriff may have cheated on his wife but now all of a sudden it is immoral. I really love how corruption goes on everyday but all the media is worried about is who is getting screwed this week.

  • Andrea75 says:

    She has been indicted as a Dumb Cop Syndrome. Why on earth would you send pictures of your exposed body and you’re working for a political office? Even if you’re working any type of job, why would you put your job at risk by sexting? That male deputy was probably showing pictures to others in BCSO. Don’t get upset with Sheriff Ingram, he done the right thing by letting her go.

  • 1SG America says:

    Morally Wrong is what see did. She was married! Where do you not see something wrong???? Again she was married so there for she committed adultery in God’s eyes, and broke the law in NC.


  • PublicAvenger says:

    This is nothing. I read an idiotic comment, asking for a Federal Investigation on this. What a joke.

    Why would you drag NH County into this ? Just like Sheriff Ingram, Sheriff McMahon corrects, minor hiccups, like this. When you have hundreds of people, 98% may be great, but there are still problems.

    Problems, that nowadays, are amplified by the media.

    I don’t think she should have been fired, just for the pictures, but there might have been other factors, leaving him, no other choice. Hopefully, this was not a knee-jerk reaction, on his part.

    Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. I think I know who you are. I’ve been in this gig, a long time, myself.

  • kzpony says:

    She did NOT send her own photos, she was sent MALE genitalia photos, and unless she has something none of the rest of us natural born ladies have down there, she received them from the male deputy. Yes, the very one she got fired for lying to protect him. And all he got was demoted. Is it just me, or does anyone see that she got slammed all the way around on this? Her ex or estranged husband stages a time in a public place to blow this up to make sure it gets noticed, then the deputy who is so proud of his genitalia gets demoted but not fired, but she has lost her job and dignity.

    I hear ya loud and clear because it is reminded to me all the time by people who think just like you…it’s still a man’s world and it’s always the woman’s fault.

  • beach guy says:

    Nice turn of phrase

  • Guest1851658 says:

    Looney-Tunes like yourself are a lot of the problem. This is why it is important to have separation of church and state. She did nothing that kept her from discharging her sworn duties and a law enforcement officer. If anything was done that was morally wrong, let the church and the officer sort that out. It seems like she was fired because she did not live up to the Sheriff’s moral expectations more so than not doing her job. I hope all of you who think she should have lost her job over this will go to church this Sunday and recharge yourselves, then go to Chick Fil A afterward and really give this some serious thought. After all, WWJD? Would he have fired her? And remember, she only had pictures. Nobody has reported she actually had sex with anyone. The religious zealots in this nation are some of the most judgemental and dangerous people in the world. Also, 1SG America, what NC law did she break?

  • lonetraveler says:

    Let me see if I understand this. This lady’s ESTRANGED husband broke into her home and stole her phone, stalked her down and revealed in public what his devious act found. She lied to protect the deputy’s identity, who proudly photographed his manhood and sent it to her phone. This happened during off-duty and did not affect her work performance. She was fired, the deputy was demoted and the estranged husband wasn’t arrested for breaking and entering or anything, actually. She should not have been fired, period. If she was, why wasn’t the deputy fired as well? It was his manhood being sent from here to there, right? Why wasn’t the estranged husband charged? This entire situation stinks to high heaven to me.

  • w. Leary III says:

    QUOTE “Beresoff admitted to us she sent and received photos from the other deputy, but she insists that was the extent of their relationship.

    Please re-read the article again

  • Guest1851658 says:

    You’re absolutely correct, Vog. I am Agnostic. Enjoy your meal. Judging from some of the replies from the Holier than thous, I suspect TRUE Christians are very, very scarce.

  • Sideliner says:

    I believe that you are some what correct. However, a women is not always at fault. Sometimes it is a shared fault, contingent on the circumstances; or believe it or not, men are just as bad. However, that does not justify what happened, or excuse it. I firmly believe that the blame should be shared here; even by the sheriff. What makes these male deputies so special? They should be ushered out the door too. What makes them special…nothing, other than they are screw ups of the highest order. Obviously demoted for this and other questionable actions and behavior. The bigger question here is why are they being protected and by whom. Demoted, they should have been shown the door too. Demotion should not have even have been considered an option. It is obvious that there is a cover up, and that these deputies who have since been demoted or transferred, their names will soon become public, because it’s only a matter of time, and most people already know who they are, and they will then find themselves also seeking new employment. What the esteemed sheriff does not realize yet, or if he has, but does not want to admit, is that he has a disease, and that disease is his employees. Any good doctor knows that you must cut away the disease before the whole body becomes consumed. What the good sheriff should do is cut himself loose from this disease and move on; if only because his own house of glass is beginning to break up around him.

  • guest45 says:

    Really????? running around playing grab arse while wearing a badge and being paid to be a public servant doesn’t have anything to do with job performance? How about being on the public’s dime and carrying on with personal business?, namely using a cell phone for personal reasons while on duty??? start to see the problem?

  • kzpony says:

    I did re-read and it did! Lol! Silly me! And I didn’t spell article correctly! I so wish i could delete my own post on here. :)

  • Vog46 says:

    “I hope all of you who think she should have lost her job over this will go to church this Sunday and recharge yourselves, then go to Chick Fil A afterward and really give this some serious thought. After all, WWJD?”

    Um you’re NOT a true Christian are you?
    Everyone knows Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays to allow their employees to go to church………thats one of the reasons why it’s so popular with the Christian folks
    Monday thru Saturday………


  • sideliner says:

    When? When he crawls from under that rock he’s hiding under? Camera hogging or no camera hogging, he still needs to address this in front of the press so it can be aired before the public. His own record is a matter of concern with most legitimate individuals. Is it that if he exposes others in public, someone may expose him and his antics? Get real here. One does and acts with the same behavior and intent as their leader, when they know that their leader is of the same questionable mold.

  • Guest45 says:

    Snap a picture!! I’m sure WWAY will send it to her for ya.

  • Guestme says:

    Ding ding ding!!!! (Trailor trash)

  • annoyed says:

    I give New Hanover County a pass here, however, they have still had to fire 4 deputies since March, but my comments are mainly directed at the Brunswick County sheriff’s office. No department is completely clean but for some reason law enforcement in this area conducts itself in a manner that is beyond comprehension. BCSD seems to think it is above the law or is either so stupid it doesn’t know the law–hence the reason so many of their cases are thrown out and they have so many lawsuits filed against them. Law Enforcement is a very tough, dangerous and mainly thankless job and most of my life I have always respected what they do. This department is a “joke” and an embarrassment to the many fine men and women who serve the public. I don’t live in a glass house but I still will call them as I see them and BCSD is “dirty” & incompetent”. And “NO” you do not know me, I don’t know you, but I know your “kind”. To defend the actions of this department implies you are one of them or very close to them. Defending their actions makes you as pathetic as they are. You are not defending the “Public” you are defending the “Department” Public Defender. Public Defender sounds like a comic book character.

  • sideliner says:

    Public Avenger sounds like someone who should be wearing a cape and be featured in a comic book. After reading your posts, obviously you get your meaning of law enforcement from those same venues.
    Law enforcement is not a gig it is a profession, a gig is what a band does. So if you do gigs, what are you the caped crusader of music, and obviously an old one at that, who, maybe, just maybe, should hang up his cape because it is full of moth holes, or his guitar because your song is not what the public wants to hear.
    Stop defending the improperly run BCSO, and saying that you know who everyone is…you know nothing; and when it comes to law enforcement, you really need to find a new gig! Your knowledge in that field is truly lacking!!

  • annoyed says:

    My apologies! Public AVENGER not DEFENDER–either way, you are neither

  • Guestnhc says:

    If the NHC Sheriff did this, he wouldn’t have a department! There is so much lying, cheating, drugs, sex & STD’s going around that department – all from internal relationships!

  • burgerboy says:

    ha ha ha I bet there was some old dingbat lady sitting at the next table who said “I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING” when that old man bursted in talking abot genitalia’s in the restaurant, similar to that popular tom hank’s film “city slicker’s” when that lady start’s moaning and groaning in the restaurant lol

  • sideliner says:

    With all the problems that have been recently reported about the BCSD, the one person who you have not heard from is the sheriff himself; why? He allows his PR rep to come out and talk about the allegations, however, he has not stepped forward to explain his departments conduct; why? Does the sheriff hold himself above public scrutiny, and feels he does not need to explain his departments misconduct? Should the citizens ask for a recall election, or, the sheriff placed on leave until all these issues are explained and proper discipline employed.
    If this is the best the BCS’s office has to offer maybe someone with more experience and knowledge of law enforcement and managerial skills needs to be considered for the office of sheriff.
    It appears that if the department conducts itself in this sort of questionable manner, maybe it is time for a good housecleaning and a change of command.

  • sideliner says:

    Whether a small town or a big city, the population of that area does not expect its law enforcement to always be the banner headline; not unless it is about them upholding the law and taking down crime. When questionable activity knocks on the door of a local law enforcement agency, yes it is public news, and the public needs to know how the agency polices itself, and weeds out its bad apples. The BCSD appears from all the news that you read and hear about cannot all be false. The BCSD needs a good house cleaning; maybe it needs to start at the top and work its way down to the bottom? There has to be checks and balances in any business, public or private; apparently this is not how the BCSD operates. Maybe a third party agency needs to be called in to conduct an investigation of the department and see that it is current with its required BLET certification training, sensitivity training, and any law suits that have been filed against them. Not until a through 3rd party investigation is conducted, and measures taken to correct the departments constant negative publicity will the public know how this department truly operates. Remember, a third party and not the BCSD’s PR department needs to let the public know the truth; because the public has the right to know!

  • Guest1111 says:

    She may have been ok if some of those pictures were not from her MARRIED colleagues. There is always more to the story and Sheriff Ingram is doing great job at holding his staff to a higher standard.

  • kzpony says:

    She got fired because her husband caused a disturbance in a restaurant, or because she had nude photos on her phone, or because she was suspected of cheating on her husband? There HAS to be more to the story, or perhaps the good ole boys of BCSD sided with the man. It doesn’t seem to be a firing offense and possibly that the ex staged this to get exactly this outcome.

  • Guest5050 says:

    It’s not surprising that the Sheriff has such a permissive administration. Doesn’t he have a history of infidelity too?

  • chevychula says:

    .. It doesn’t matter if you think she doesn’t care of not.. You can’t KNOW whats in someone’s head. Several police officers think it’s their duty to run around on their wives and constantly tell girls they are separated so that girls will sleep with them.. Lying about being separated from your wife so you can get laid.. Shame.. She was separated from her husband and thought he was separated as well.. You can’t judge people for their mistakes.. You aren’t GOD after all.. My “assumptions” come from the fact that you pointed the finger straight at her and basically said she didnt care if someone was married or not.. Never said anything about the man.. it usually is the scorned and friends of the scorned who are the first to flap their jaws.

  • Guest1111 says:

    I did not say that the male is not to blame, I was simply stating that this paticular female does not care if the male is married or with someone. I’m not scorned and have no problems with my relationship but your assumptions show what kind of person I am talking to. They are both at fault, no question, but she is the one that knew he was married and should have you the sense God gave her. OMGOSH! She was married in the eyes of the law too!

  • Amen says:

    Amen! It is a matter of morals, dignity and respect. Something that was very much lacking here from this flirtacious deputy who knowingly sexted and from reports, HAD sex with these MARRIED men.

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    Where did the report say she had sex with anyone? There is a big difference from having porn pictures and participating in the act.

  • Truth says:

    It’s about the law-not about 500 years. Regardless, justification does not have to be given in NC for firing anyone. The Sheriff could have let her go with absolutely no reason at all.

  • Truth says:

    Where did the report say she was involved in sexting and people WERE fired and demoted as a result? That all came out in the wash from people who actually know what happened.A tip led to the vague report which left questions for those who were not informed. Why did she get fired for her ex going into a retaurant saying what he did and showing pictures of male private parts? Why is this news? The PR spokesperson said noone was fired for sexting…yet everyone now knows the female was fired and those who are “informed” know which deputies were fired and which were demoted. I suppose if you were married and sexting/exchanging nude pictures AND lied (a big don’t with the Sheriff), you were fired but if you told the truth, you were demoted. People aren’t writing these comments for nothing. They know the inside scoop. By the way, despite your religious views, adulterly is against the law in NC.

    If any man and woman, not being married to each other, shall lewdly and lasciviously associate, bed and cohabit together, they shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor: Provided, that the admissions or confessions of one shall not be received in evidence against the other. (1805, c. 684, P.R.; R.C., c. 34, s. 45; Code, s. 1041; Rev., s. 3350; C.S., s. 4343; 1969, c. 1224, s. 9; 1993, c. 539, s. 119; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    It probably is. Now tell me that NC is not about 500 years in the past, or still in the Dark Ages.

  • Guest1111 says:

    Some women simply can’t work around men. Is she really that insecure and naive to think it was okay? I feel bad for the wives of those married men and can only hope that they know about it so they can kick them to the curve.

  • Guest1111 says:

    Well you obviously have a shot at her, everyone else has lol!!!!

  • Guest350 says:

    Wouldn’t mind at all. It always makes me chuckle when something like this happens that includes the terrible, evil three-letter word SEX! Here come the so-called religious nuts, accusing, judging, trying and convicting her and nobody has heard her side of the story. God gave men and women a sex drive. This is necessary to reproduce. WHY do these morons, with their heads in the sand think human sexaulity is something ugly, dirty, evil, nasty and vulgar? This is the way things are supposed to be in real life. Maybe the religious clowns should practice abstinance, not reproduce and mind their own business.

  • Guest1111 says:

    No religious stones being thrown here. When you use your “sexuallity” to break up relationships and mairrages, there is a problem. Thankfully Sheriff recognizes that problem.

  • Guest350 says:

    First off, all is fair in love and war. As long as she discharges her duties as a Deputy Sheriff, I could not care less what she does in her off time, that is her business. Usually, when a spouse cheats, it is because something is lacking at home. She is quite cute, too.

  • Guest96 says:

    where in the story does it say she started sending the pictures first?? also, did the poor, defenseless married men HAVE to send their nude pictures to her? were they forced to do so? I don’t think so! they need to be held accountable too!

  • Truth says:

    Great job WWAY! You found this lead on your own…for all of you who are speculating, female eputy starts sexting other MARRIED males in the department leading to much more off the clock, husband finds out about it–it becomes confrontational and BAM! Multiple MALE deputies are demoted and some fired. Flirtatious behaviour leads to more involved flirting, texting then to sexting, exchanging nude pictures and sleeping with married men.

  • tke1 says:

    When you work for a sheriff, clerk of court or any other elected official and your powers come from that elected official, you serve “at the pleasure” of that elected official. He/she can legally let you go for any reason (other than political or discriminatory reasons) or for no reason . You have no recourse but to pack your ditty bag and go home. If the official states a reason for dismissal other than “for cause”, the door is open to law suits, labor complaints, etc.

  • Guest49 says:

    Sheriff’s comments:

    “The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by two separate media outlets within the past week stating that they have received information regarding 9-10 Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Deputies being involved in inappropriate texting/emailing within the past 30-60 days.

    “No adverse personnel actions have been taken against any deputy for inappropriate texting/emails.”

    Well, He must have found some other reason to fire her and likely will protect that information under ‘personnel matter”. Sweep the part about the texting under the rug??

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …in a professional capacity. “Sorry, your position has been eliminated and you’re no longer needed here. We’ll escort you to your car and send your things later”

    What does working for a “sheriff” have to do with it? Nothing, nada ZIP. If you can’t perform your duty as an employee in a professional environment, in a professional manner, then go get a job as a toilet swabber. Looks like neither of these loons would even qualify for that.

  • Truth says:

    I’m quite sure it’s not her that came forth. If I had my guess, it was one of the wives of the men involved.

  • Guest2020 says:

    What’s to say that she is not trying to stir up trouble after she got fired? For all we know, it could be just sour grapes on her part. Why is she coming forward with this now, as opposed to when this all happened?

  • Guess says:

    Are you 3500 miles away? Please make it farther. I hope I never worked with you at NHSO. You are talking about good people here.

  • Guestdeprivedofliberty says:

    Oh another disloyal, lying, deceitful deputy of the area….guess we should of seen this coming. Go join Former Roseblock, Deputy Lynn, and Deputy Doyle, you all would get along great. Watch out though deputy i mean corporal might fire his gun at you. Or how about shoot you over a PS3 game, or better yet unload 40 rounds of fire to an unarmed vehicle right Deputy Spivey? Kill another dog you all are nothing but a abomination to the word JUSTICE. Then watch Judge Blackmoore sentence you all to life! LOL so glad to be away from the drama, not proud of how you stained my name. Ill keep at it till the day I’m gone.. =) Well besides the fact I had to move my life 3500 miles away to keep you all from ending my life and then buddy buddy up to cover it up. Hope you all get what is coming to you. =)

  • Hmmm? says:

    Were any of the pictures impressive? Come on WWAY, ask the hard question!

  • Guest1111 says:

    I know for a fact that this girl does not care if ANY of the men (plural)that she sends text messages to have significant others. She denies knowing that this paticular guy was married, she is lying AGAIN!

  • Truth says:

    True story! It’s bad when everyone-even the male deputies (imagine that)warned others of her reputation. I’m not sure those involved all knew about each other at first but word got around that they were all dipping in the same pot. It’s one thing to not know someone is married but it’s another to know. Social media makes it VERY easy to find out these days who is married and who is not. Ask your colleagues–females, if you have to, if you don’t know.

    The truth came out little by little. It went from no action was taken against any deputy for sexting to the truth that she was fired and other deputies demoted and/or fired. The truth will come out eventually that there was more than 1 male involved. I wonder if some of the wives who heard their husbands were fired/demoted for “other” reasons figured out that the real story by now.

  • chevychula says:

    You know for a fact that she doesn’t care if ANY of the men have significant others?? what about the men?? they must have momentarily forgot they had significant others?? Why is it always the woman who is the whore?? Is it possible that OMGOSH the men also KNOW that they are married and just don’t care enough to be faithful to their wives????? Perhaps you are a scorned wife.. Or friend/sister of a scorned wife.. My advice to you……. Watch your husband.. Cause if he is gonna do it with one..he’ll do it with many… Maybe you need a new man?? Either way.. the man is to blame too.. Period!!

  • Guestdawg123 says:

    Lies, lies, lies. One thing about all these “opinions”….they are like a part of our anatomy and we all have one. Some people should keep their opinions to themselves. Some of you sound like gossip kings/queens…..seeing what sleeping dog you can awaken. Leave this girl and that deputy alone, don’t you think she has been thru enough??

  • Guest1212 says:

    SHE has been through enough? Her public announcments on this situations proves her lack of maturity and lack of concern for the fact that she has caused suck turmoil in other peoples life. I agree that people are grown and do what they want but girls like this make things a little too accessible and tempting. People do make mistakes but when you continue to make them and have no concern about who you are affecting, you are a nuisance to society and need to be stopped.

  • Guest123456 says:

    Could it be that the male deputy in this situation wasn’t fired because he’s related to a member of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners?

  • Hmmmm.... says:

    Sexting scandal=photos=demotions=termination=denial from BCSO=LIES! Anyone else see the pattern here? Yes it happened!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    The Public has a right to know, police matters, involving officers. But things are getting a little “Over the Top”.

    Here-lately, it seems; every time a cop has a personal argument, gets written up, or plays an inappropriate gag, that backfires, it’s front page news.

    In the 80’s, and 90’s, things were so much better. Things were usually handled properly. But they were done, quietly. Unless it was real big, it never made the news. Half the time, you never really knew why someone resigned.

    This meant less stress, for officers, and staff, and a better public image. Though we were still the same human beings, making the same mistakes.

    This was a bad thing, and I’m not trying to downplay it. But it’s a far cry from stealing, adultery on duty, or excessive force. If this would have been a mechanic, salesman, or student. This would not even be considered “news”.

  • Not Politically Correct says:

    Why was she fired for her ex acting like a childish re-re? The logical thing with what little info posted here is he should have been arrested and she gets the credit. That is why the reporters need to take after Paul Harvey and give the rest of the story.

  • Guest 501 says:

    Please don’t tell me that in this day and age, a deputy of the law doesn’t know better than to send a picture of his privates to anyone. There is simply no defense for such deplorable judgement. The lady in question didn’t send a text of her privates, did she? Fire the male(s).
    There is no satisfactory excuse. I don’t care if it’s the sheriff’s brother, uncle, nephew, or son. He is stupid beyond measure.

  • guesty says:

    “No adverse personnel actions have been taken against any deputy for inappropriate texting/emails.”

  • Guest49 says:

    He doesn’t say no one was fired. Just that no adverse actions “for inappropriate texting/emails.”

    He found other cause to fire her, then swept this part under the rug.

    The whatever reason given in her personnel file is protected from the media.
    Personnel matter.

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