New Hanover GOP picks Lee to fill Goolsby’s Senate seat

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Submitted: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 2:48am
Updated: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 2:42pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Election Day is still more than two months away, but Michael Lee should soon be New Hanover County’s new state senator.

The New Hanover County Republican Party Executive Committee tonight nominated Lee to finish out Sen. Thom Goolsby’s second term in Raleigh. Goolsby, who announced his resignation last week, announced earlier this year he would not seek a third term.

Lee, a Wilmington attorney, is currently the Republican nominee for Goolsby’s 9th District seat. Goolsby said last week he wanted to give Lee “a running start” at the job.

“All too often people think about what’s in the best interest of the next election and what I’m thinking about is what’s in the best interest of New Hanover County,” Lee said.

He will face some new restrictions though, including not being able to accept money from political action committees. Lee faces Democrat Elizabeth Redenbaugh in November. Redenbaugh is out fundraising Lee 2 to 1.

“Michael lee is Thom Goolsby’s hand picked candidate and I don’t think that they are going to buy that. I think they are going to look for a true leader that’s going to treat them with dignity value and respect,” said Redenbaugh.

Gov. Pat McCrory now has seven days to approve Lee’s nomination.

Earlier this year McCrory appointed Lee as chair of the NC Ports Authority Board of Directors. Lee is also a member of the NC Transportation Board. If the governor approves his nomination, Lee would have to resign his seats on the Transportation board. Lee says he will continue to serve as Chairman of the NC Ports Authority.


  • Russ says:

    How about Said Cause, then I’ll switch parties to be Sheriff McMahon for two.

  • 1492 says:

    Politicians all over the country, from both parties, from all levels of government, have been doing this for years. If you’re really unaware of that, and I wouldn’t believe that for a second, you’re too dumb to vote anyway.

    Why should “Smog” waste time compiling a list just for your own personal gratification?

  • Guestman. says:

    Exactly which democrats, by name, did this.

  • Guestman. says:

    Can’t name one, huh? Bluster and BS doesn’t cut it, buddy. I can name republicans, name me a democrat.

  • Same stuff different day says:

    How about Ed McMahon? Or did you forget that one?
    Before that how about Sid Causey?
    If you think it is just republicans you have a very one sided memory.

  • guesty says:

    …Chris Batten from Columbus County? Don’t forget Stephen Bunn from Bladen County. And of course there was Sid Causey. 3 democrats in the local area that left office early. What else would you like?

  • guestTACO says:

    rumor has it Fayetteville’s own Sherriff Moose Butler, the fearless democrat, is merely running for re-election to then retire and appoint another dem that would have no chance of ever being elected by popular vote…

    lots of speculation on this due to Butler’s old age, so we shall see if this trend continues!

  • Same stuff different day says:

    So I guess you think it is ok to switch from R to D, in the middle of your term.
    I am sure that isn’t a dirty political trick!!!

  • guest111 says:

    I might would have considered voting for Lee in Nov. but not now. I DO NOT CARE if we get another Berger I will not vote for this underhanded backstabbing type of politics and I won’t support it. I was so sick of Bill Caster that I voted Berger just to get him out of office. I will do the same here. Goolsby, you are a piece of work. . and Lee is just as low life as you are. You should not be able to control elections and I’m sure you pulled this type of trash while you were in office. OK Wilmington, tell me how crazy and wrong I am but this is my opinion and it won’t change.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    It’s called politics for a reason. I’m surprised you aren’t used to it yet. Get PO’d all you like. Punch a wall, kick your dog, but PLEASE don’t just throw away a good vote due to your irrational anger. Get a grip. Believe me, the LAST thing we need is Redenbaugh in our senate seat!

  • guest111 says:

    I didn’t say if I was a R or a D. I vote for the person… amazing isn’t it? Why would anyone vote for a particular candidate just because he/she is a republican or democrat. That’s what’s wrong now. You vote for the person with the best ideas and someone who knows how to get a job done. Voting a straight party is as dumb as voting all black or all white. Idiots.

  • Guest2020 says:

    One of the biggest problems is that many voters vote according to the letter behind the name instead of the person behind the name.

  • guest111 says:

    You can be assured I won’t vote for Lee. NEVER Besides, you don’t know that Redenbaugh wouldn’t be a good senator. We already know Lee is a crook and an underhanded politician. No way!!

  • SayWha? says:

    On Tuesday, you said you would have considered Lee, but not now because of the Goolsby-leaving-office thing. Then on Wednesday, you said you’d never vote for Lee because you already know he’s underhanded and a crook.

    I really doubt that your reasons would have changed that much in just one day.

    Looks like someone’s not being very credible. When that happens, why should we believe anything you’re saying?

  • guest111 says:

    Yes I said at some point that I WOULD HAVE considered Lee in November. I don’t know him and planned to listen to him and see what he supported as far as his office would be concerned with. However, Goolsby went after the GOP to nominate Lee to replace him and Goolsby admitted that he did it to give Lee the upper hand in the election. I find that to be typical trashy politics. Because of these actions I said I now know Lee is just as underhanded as Goolsby. If you can’t see the good old boy at work here I am sorry. What’s so hard for you to understand? I don’t get it. FYI today my mail box was full of political advertising from Lee. He just got nominated this week. It took time to get this printed. How did he know he would be in a position to send out these flyers? I would say decisions were made before the Republican party met to endorse him. I am very credible. What can you not understand in what I’ve said? By the way.. your name is Say Wha? You have misspelled your name. It’s not Wha it’s what. Maybe you don’t spell very well and that’s why you have trouble reading and comprehending comments on here.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    ..that idiots this stupid are even allowed to vote. But ya know what? Being stupid is a protected right here in America too!

  • SayWah? says:

    I completely agree that any time this leaving-office-early thing happens, by anyone, it’s wrong, but that’s not all you said. You also said you “already know Lee is a crook”.

    As to you alleging spelling inadequacies in reference to my nom de guerre:
    SayWha?: (sometimes spelled “say wha) / interjection / a shortened form of “Say what?”, which means “What did you say?” / Etymology: a derivative of relaxed speaking.

  • guest111 says:

    Here we go again… At the time I said I might consider Lee it was the same time that he and Goolby pulled their hoodoo. At that very point I knew Lee and Goolsby were in cohoots with this plan and yes, agreed to it between both of them. At that point I knew Lee is crooked and not worthy of that office. Okay??

  • suspicious 1 says:

    This is not right. Goolsby was elected by the people and should serve his term. If he chooses not to run again, fine, but he should finish out his term. This is nothing but an underhanded power play by the Repubs to help ensure a victory for the GOP, as they probably figure Goolsby will not stand a chance if he did run again. Dirty politics at their best. Never, ever, ever would I vote Republican.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    Good! Because we don’t need mamby-pamby whiners that survive on tax and spend politics to support illegal aliens and generations of entitlement recipients just to get their votes.

    If you take a brief look at history, this tactic has been used by both parties on numerous occasions.

    The truly sad part about your whining is that if you had a single ounce of confidence in Redenbaugh, this would even show up as an issue to you, but knowing what I know about her, you DO have a lot to worry about! I would too if I were in your shoes!

  • Bearclaw says:

    You nailed it! Of course Thom couldn’t even go quietly and had to create a ruckus on his way out.

  • beach guy says:

    Your a democrat troll that would not vote republican if Jesus and the twelve disciples were on the ticket.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    Got a little secret for you … (shhh) … BOTH SIDES DO THIS !!!

    Please tell me you were already aware of that!

  • Smog says:

    News Flash!!!

    Both sides do it and have done it for a very long time. When the Democrats ran the state, they used it excessively to make incumbents out of people wanting to fill seats of retiring politicians. I guess it is okay as long as it is your side doing it, right?

    Me thinks this is more about your partisan political whining, than the merits of why Goolsby did it.

  • portcity says:

    Mr. Goolsby you have set bad example for children and all those you represent. You finish what you started and never give up. You do not represent myself or the community I was born and raised in. You are a disgrace to New Hanover county and North Carolina… just another corrupt politician and lawyer…

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Now…if only your Mayor and City Council would hitch a ride with him, your city might get somewhere other than a city without a film industry anymore ;-)

  • Guestman. says:

    Have you ever heard of separation of church and state?

  • Guest2020 says:

    Show me where it exists in the Constitution.

  • bigalilu says:

    The separation of church and state is laid out in the very first amendment of our constitution. It is known as the anti – establishment clause.

  • beach guy says:

    Please read the bill it says Congress shall make no laws establishing a religion says nothing about the separation. this means we will have no government espoused religion (like the church of England) This is also where the freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly and the right to redress grievances with the government is addressed.

  • bigalilu says:

    If you browse the Web with chrome or use
    anti – virus software, numerous warnings pop up that this site is badly infected. Anyone else gettin those warnings? Anyway i can’t find a single example of Dems pulling this shady act. If they did, it wasn’t to replace a republican crook who tricked and bilked people out of their money and had his investment license taken away. Den of the Ives those republicans, then claim Dems don’t work. Get real.

  • bigalilu says:

    Den of thieves instead of ives

  • Guest2020 says:

    Regardless of which side of the aisle this happened on, it’s a dirty trick and we shouldn’t be okay with it. I doubt there’s anything that can be done about it, short of asking Raleigh to change it, but they aren’t in the habit of changing laws that would adversely affect their political careers.

    If Goolsby was resigning due to personal reasons, that would be one thing, but to do it as a political move is indicative of the slimy reputation that a lot of lawyers and politicians have. I have known Goolsby to do nice things on a personal level for a couple of people I know, but that doesn’t wash off the slime.

  • suspicious 1 says:

    First off, you’re not in my shoes. I understand both parties do the same and as far as tax and spend and illegal aliens, both pretty much run in the same circle, as well. Neither party is for the people anymore, they are for themselves and their pals in big business, which runs the country, not the government. My guess is the winner of the 2016 Presidential election has already been decided.

  • Vog46 says:

    Leaves before his term is up. Sure, thats a disgrace and sure both parties have and will continue to do it.
    My question is this – should McCrory approve the nomination? The Senates work is done for all intents and purposes so what good will it do for Lee to assume Goolsby’s seat? Lee will not be on ANY important committees as a “newbie” so why confirm the appointment?
    Especially since Lee will have the restriction of not being able to accept PAC money in the election?
    And will have to give up the Post Chairmanship position.
    Sounds like a “lose-lose” for Lee……


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