Judge shuts down two local businesses

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Submitted: Tue, 08/26/2014 - 2:42am
Updated: Tue, 08/26/2014 - 1:11pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two local businesses are shutting down, and police say that’s a step in the right direction. Good Times Lounge and Chestnut Market both are shutting their doors.

Police say Good Times Lounge on Dawson Street had a history of complaints and incidents involving weapons. The closure comes at the request of the city and police department filing a civil complaint effectively calling these places a nuisance.

“Wilmington Police officers have responded to calls and complaints at these businesses for a number of years,” Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said in a statement. “Today’s judgments are in the best interest of the public, and we appreciate the cooperation of the property owners in bringing these actions to a close. Working together with ALE, the District Attorney’s Office and the surrounding community members and property owners, we are providing a permanent solution for the community.”

What was once Club 609 now sits empty at Market Street and Kerr Avenue because of a very similar situation with the court intervening and shutting the place down. Folks said the neighborhood hasn’t changed all that much.

“I mean, it was a nightclub. As far as the night atmosphere, it might have changed some things, but as far as, you know, businesswise during the day, I don’t see where it has changed anything whether the club was here or not,” Wilmington resident Cliff Waddell said.

The city used the same process to close down the old Rhino Club on Market Street in downtown Wilmington after several problems. Slice of Life expanded its business to the space earlier this year.


  • craig says:

    By the closing of GOODTIMES LOUNGE DUE TO HERE SAY YOU ELIMINATED JOBS THAT WHERE CREATED BY THIS BUSINESS. AND ALSO ELIMINATED I popular and peaceful gathering place for African Americans in the community. Violence erupts everywhere not just in urban Neighborhoods downtown area has more reported crime than any where else in Wilmington but they don’t close those businesses down they just add more police to those areas.Media Police Da use what they can to build a platform to stand on no matter how untrue the information may be.Not one time have I seen the media come out and do a story on the positive things that Goodtimes Lounge has done for the community. Like the fundraisers the fun days fashion shows and several other events that the club has played host to. But let a shooting happen in a 3 block radius of the club it’s automatically violence steming from the club that’s not true by any means.

  • Marc Floyd says:

    I agree.I work downtown and they fight downtown way more .I worked security downtown and the endzone…The only reason there is no problem is because of all the cops down there throughout the night.you can’t get two in the dawson st area until after something has happened and normally,it has nothing to do with the club.Its the people who are on the block,across the street or just hanging out cause the club is open.If the police presence was the same as downtown .all this would not happen…Thats why downtown is still open,yet there are robberies,rapes a lot of drunk drivers,loud and violent drunks out every weekend.I have witnessed it…And it seems to never make the news….Why?Here a tip..Endzone owner,go downtown with your camera and film…show where they are a nuisance

  • Guest of a guest says:

    The business owner calls 911 nearly every night they are working and requests “multiple officers” standby while the club closes down. Why is this necessary if the club is just good clean fun? And by the way, numerous businesses in town pay a fee for this, known as a contract with the police department. There is likely not a single officer that would work there if they did try though!

    The shooting last week on S. 15th St? Yep that was from an incident inside the club, don’t even try to deny it. The victim already told us that he had a problem inside but thought it was over.

    I could go on and on with the incidents, but alas the court record speaks for itself here. Reality here is that it was a problem club, and now it’s gone (in theory anyway). Even worse is that the clientele will just move to another place, hopefully in Brunswick County!

  • kb says:

    I agree. The police are lazy and there is no money in it for them to patrol these small clubs at night. They would rather make money writing parking tickets downtown at night and pulling people over for speeding. It’s about money, it is always about money.

  • m says:

    “positive things that Goodtimes Lounge has done for the community”

    LOL, right. Such positive things have happened to our community all because of Goodtimes Lounge, that is funny to me

  • concerned says:

    You’re an idiot!

  • TheGravyTrain says:

    If closing down Black-owned businesses is a step in the right direction, then that says a lot about our local government & their priorities. When Black people make it, white people always want to take it.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    For one thing, there’s nothing to take! There’s nothing there that “white people” even want, much less take. And how do you know it was “white people” making this decision?

    The ONLY thing that’s being done here is closing a cesspool where crimes occur on a nightly basis. It’s a known fact and it’s about time someone did something about it.

    I’m surprised they were allowed to stay in business as long as they did, it’s a major drug-haven!

    It’s weasels like you with a big fat chip on their shoulder that incite and perpetuate racial division. And you wonder why? Go snuggle up to Al and Jesse, they’re used to your sort of ignorance.

  • m says:

    This has nothing to do with “Black-owned businesses” any of these places could be owned by a white/Hispanic/Asian etc.. person. The problem is clearly the location and the crowd the business attracts.
    If there are numerous issues occurring over the years then that is the reason to be shut down, not the color of the owners skin. Don’t be so close minded and ignorant.

  • jj says:

    Can’t be the same. Slice of life serves beer and wine. So, there is a loop hole. Add onto the building and you are OK.

  • ME342 says:

    Try reading it again. The Rhino Club was shut down.

  • jj says:

    How about you try reading it again. The properties that are closed down can’t be reopen to serve alcohol. So if Slice of Life is using it, it wasn’t closed the same way they are doing these properties

  • guest123123 says:

    The Rhino Club was shut down by the ABC Commission by issuing what is called a Summary Suspension. That is where they use affidavits from local officers and ALE to take the permits. The Rhino Club could have petitioned for a hearing to get them back but they chose not to. Nuisance abatement was being looked at by the DA as a letter went out to the then property owner just as the Rox, Rize and the club on 4th St.

    These two locations were shut down by nuisance abatement laws which are very effective when all other measures fail.

  • xyz123 says:

    I own a property at N 4th street. A few years ago, I received such a letter b/c our tenant had a sports bar “night club”. My partner and I ended up meeting with ALE and an “officer of the law” to “discuss the problem” to tell us basically to inform our tenant to shut down or we will be considered a “Public Nuisance” and in the long run, the city will take our property. I actually had a camera out on a stand and asked their permission to record. They agreed and after soaking in their “threats” and re-watching the video, we decided to let our tenants know of this issue and told them we got their back. Unfortunately, good or bad, they got added pressure from the powers that be, and couldn’t pay rent. We ended having to evict. Thought it was peaceful, b/c we were on good terms and had their back, but when it was all said and done, the building was striped and trashed after eviction. Needless to say, we were shocked and baffled. As much as we tried to help, it didn’t matter. Makes you want to go hummmm!

  • jj says:

    I bet they will not do this downtown.

  • GuestME says:

    Ummm, the last sentence of the article states it was done downtown last year.

  • guest123123 says:

    Club 609 was shut down by what is called a Summary Suspension and not a nuisance abatement case.

  • Gregg says:

    The Rhino Club was not “shut down” as a public nuisance.
    They received a summary suspension an the owners chose not to go today court an get their permit reinstated lime the liquid room did.

  • 88 says:

    You’re right !!! It is the failed culture !!!!

  • SacredV says:

    There are no clubs in BC for this business’ clientele to move to, so they will just operate from a private residence or move to another club, which will also be shut down in a few years.
    The problem is the culture of the customers who frequent these establishments and the business management’s inability to turn away clients who blatantly parade around in gang colors because all they see is the green backs.
    Moving them will not solve the problem, what will solve the problem is education and changing the culture from within. How shameful of you to want to ‘pass the buck’ to someone else on this one.

  • 88 says:

    Every club they have had turns into violent, thug hang out !!!

  • bk says:

    are not shooting at people ,stabbing people, robbing people or dealing drugs. Yes alcohol will make young Caucasians mouth off to the police, but they sure aren’t taking shots at them. Take some responsibility for the actions of the African American community,then maybe someday you could have a safe place to call home

  • IC_E says:

    Thank you for your commentary. This is absolutely true. There are over 100 bars …BARS ….in close proximity downtown and none are Black-owned …yet, I have witnessed young Caucasian females disrespect officers, urinate in public, fall down sloppy drunk towards their vehicles and long after the clubs have closed at 2 or 3 am there are no “whoop-whoop” sounds and light effects to apparently mean for them to go home….they loiter, tailgate, and there is not a problem but apparently the rules are differently in a predominately African American community. Night life is needed so people can relax and blow off steam ….yes there may be a heated argument and/or a fight ….but there have been more altercations with Marines fighting downtown, locals downtown fighting visiting celebrities (which no one hears about) shootings downtown, prostitution downtown, but a blind-eye is covered by a thick veil of support for the local economy downtown…..you cannot live in your community and dictate what happens in ours ….despite the lack of cultural comprehension.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    …won’t you? It’s always about the whites against the blacks, right? No, what it’s really about is the attitudes! Attitudes like yours where you feel like you’re always owed something. If you would get your people to find a little pride in themselves, work hard, hold their families together, teach the men to be fathers instead of sperm donors and do the very best you can to educate your children instead of perpetuating more generations to survive by living off the taxpayers, neighborhoods like the ones where these roach infested dives existed wouldn’t be so rampant in crime, violence and drugs.

    There my friend, is where the “cultural comprehension” as you refer to it has hit a major roadblock. Stop blaming your misfortune on others and the past. Take some responsibility and accountability for yourselves for a change and you’ll see some big changes!

  • lol says:

    Now young African Americans have no club of their own. Wrightsville Beach and Downtown Wilmington clubs need to stop discriminating on African Americans. Young Caucasians stab themselves with heroin needles. Making drug dealing supply and demand. Take some responsibility for being drug addicts that fuel negativity in the African American community.

  • Marc Floyd says:

    well,I don’t. Try to justfy anything..But you are lost if you think Caucasian kids don’t do the same thing..And you are a indirect racist to make the comments you made about black people ,which indicates you know nothing about blacks and you know know much about whites either.Some things just are the trurh,regardless of what race it is.Some blacks are racist ,and some whites are racist.But being an idiot is individual! ! White and blacks live in the projects,they both live in trailer parks,they both get food stamps,they both get section 8.There are white and black sperm donars.Both live off taxpayers,and believe it or not they both live in roach infested dwellings.Think before you speak,well,in your case research before you say something stupid trying to justify your ignorance…Not mad, just not stupid….peace..and love….

  • Daniel Seamans says:

    5 comments deleted on this thread today.
    Please don’t accuse moderators of playing favorites.
    Profanity = comment deleted. It’s that simple.
    (and someone just had an AWESOME comment ruined by one little word)
    We don’t edit profanity out…we just delete the entire comment.
    Thank you.

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