Caprice French Bistro

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10 Market St, Wilmington, NC
(910) 815-0810
Thierry Moity
$$ ($11 - $20)

Thierry and Patricia Moity were previous owners of Patou Bistro in Charlotte, NC and Cafe de Bruxelles in New York City.

Delight in Chef Thierry Moity's traditional French cuisine. Chef Moity, who has been cooking since age 13 in some of the finest French restaurants in Europe and New York City. The French cuisine is influenced by a combination of traditions-Patricia comes from the northern part of France near the Belgium border, while Thierry's origins are deeply rooted in the central provinces of the country.

According to Chef Moity, the food is served fast paced and in generous portions." I want everyone to feel welcome in my restaurant". We are working against the stereotype that French food must be intimidating and expensive.

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